21.00 - Mexico, Regia et Celebris Hispaniae Novae Civitas [and] Cusco, Peru in novo orbe caput, c1572, by Braun & Hogenberg, Cologne


From part one of the six parts published between 1572 and 1617 of the Civitates Orbis Terrarum. This image is the only view to depict cities in the New World. The sheet has two images; the first is Mexico City with a detailed plan of the city which was the center of Aztec and Inca cultures in the 16th century. The second image is of Cusco, Peru depicting the Inca city at the time of Spanish conquest. Native figures in the foreground appear carrying the Inca King aloft on a covered throne. The print is rated Excellent [see our rating criteria on the Home Page] with a good and strong impression. It measures approximately (10.6″x 18.5″ – 26.9 x 47.1 cm).

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