700.12 - “This Draught of the North Pole is to Shew all the Countries near and adjacent to it, ......... Tracks of the Bold Discoveries ..... to find out the N. East N. West Passages”, ca 1705, by Herman Moll, London


Boldly engraved polar map shows the latest discoveries and routes of numerous explorers during their attempts to find a Northwest and Northeast Passage, including James, Hudson, and Barentz. Baffin and Hudson Bay’s are depicted in a rather narrow configuration. Novaya Zemlya is shown correctly on the map as an island, but shown as a peninsula in an insert, lower right corner; with a disclaimer by the geographer (Moll). There is a second insert, upper center; that provides a north polar projection with the Island of California. The only notation on the Pacific coast is that of the Str. Of Annian. Remarks are noted regarding explorers seeking a northern passage to Asia. The map os rated Excellent [see our rating criteria on the Home Page] with one split noted at the lower centerfold that has been professionally repaired and backed with Japanese tissue. A good and dark impression with original color and narrow margins as issued; the map measures approximately (16.5″ 14.8″ – 42.0 x 37.5 cm).

700.12A North Pole - 1705

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