801.105 - Pre-War Colonies .... Which Herr Hitler Declares Must be Returned to the Reich ... or Elsel, dated 1938, by Ken Magazine, England


The article was written by Richard and Peggy Yardley for the June 2, 1938 edition of Ken Magazine.  It graphically depicts Hitler’s desire to reclaim lost colonies in Africa as a result of the Treaty of Versailles (1919).  The illustration shows Hitler as a red sun looking down on parts of Africa and shows flags of European nations.  The lower left corner is a vignette showing a monkey pointing to a Nazi flag encouraging other animals to join the German Federation. At the top right is a representation of the League of nations an “ailing lady who feels far too weak to complain”.   On the verso is a cartoon illustrating Francisco Franco, military dictator of Spain at the time, as a human doll being controlled by Hitler and Mussolini.  The cartoons were published a year before the outbreak of WW II.  The newspaper pages condition is rated Excellent [see our rating criteria on the Home Page] with no issues noted.  The pages, in color measure approximately (8.9″ x 11.4″ – 22.6 x 29.0 cm).  

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