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123.00 The American Civil War in Maps and Prints:

The American Civil War is the most profound military experience to date in American history.  It was waged throughout some 10,000 geographic places from New Mexico in the west through the entire southern half of the nation and into several northern states including Maryland and Pennsylvania.  More than 600,000 men died in some of the most furious battles and hand-to-hand combat ever recorded with one of the most destructive cataclysms of warfare in American history.  The story of this event has been told many times in various books and publications.  Part of the documentation used to describe the conflicts, weaponry, and the affect on the people of this tragedy came from the illustrations of the war correspondent artist known as ‘special artists’.  They captured, in field sketches, the human aspect of the conflict, the enormous destruction, and the determination of both sides to endure.  Those men included Alfred Waud and Thomas Nast, although he was not part of the special artists group.  Harper’s Weekly from the spring of 1861 until the summer of 1865 flashed in front of its readers the aguish and brutality of the Civil War skillfully reproduced through wood-block engravings.  Other publications that made similar attempts to capture the war in images included The Illustrated London News, The History of the Civil War in America 1863-1866 by John S.C. Abbott and Harper’s History of the Great Rebellion / Harper’s Weekly, and Frank Leslie’s Weekly.  The prints that follow were taken from these publications.  Each noted with its date of issue, publisher and each with a Certificate of Authenticity inscribed with the purchasers name.  These last vestments of printed record are modestly priced and offer an opportunity to have an actual piece of American history.  The prints are supplemented with a small number of battlefield maps, full copies of era newspapers and bounded volumes.  Additional prints, books, and maps will be added to this section as they become available.  Civil War prints are priced from $36. to $90. each  plus shipping. 

General of the Army Ulysses S. Grant

General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.

20.00 Civil War and Reconstruction Era Newspapers

Captured in time are the daily lives of the people of the greater Boston region during and just after the Civil War.  The newspapers are from the Boston Daily Advertiser 1874-1875 and the Boston Semi-Weekly Courier 1862.  Fascinating personal stories of the War Between the States and the years following as the Nation recovered.  The newspapers are duplicate issues from several major library collections.  Our supply is very limited.  Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, sealed in their own plastic selves.

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Boston Semi-Weekly Courier (1862)………….. $ 20. each

Boston Daily Advertiser (1874-1875)………….. $ 15.  each

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