22.16 - Boston, Massachusetts, ca 1815, by Giulio Ferrario, Le Costume Ancien et Moderne, Paris


An unusual copperplate engraving showing Boston from Cattle William across the Charles River.  The Boston Common, the State House, and numerous steeples can be seen in the city.  In the foreground is shown the  American flag  flying from Castle William , known as Fort Independence.  The engraving is derived from Governor Thomas Pownall’s A View of the Paolo Fumagalli and published by Ferrario between 1815 and 1827.  The print is rated Excellent (see our rating criteria on the Home Page).  Print on heavy paper, it is a dark and crisp impression.  The print measures approximately  (9.1″ x 6.3″ – 22.1 x 16.0 cm) on wider outer boarders.

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