40.325 - Terrestrial Library Globe, 16-inch, ca 1932 by Replogle Globes, inc., Chicago


A stunning 20th century floor globe by one of the leading U. S. globe manufactures. The attractive 16-inch globe (40.7 cm) is approximately 39-inches (99cm) in height and stands upon four walnut turned legs and base. The brass meridian is fitted into the globes horizon ring featuring a paper calendar and zodiac. The globes vanished surface has a soft patina with only two small abrasions noted in the Antarctic region otherwise this eighty year old globe is in Excellent condition [see our rating criteria on the Home Page], (shipping within the Continental U.S. ,via freight is included – foreign charges are addnl.)

40.325A Globe and Print 2012 003

40.325B Globe and Print 2012 004

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