801.100 - National Forestry Service of Germany Dagger, ca 1939


Prior to the 3rd Reich and Nazi Germany, the National Forestry Service controlled the vast lands of Germany’s many forests.  During the 3rd Reich, Hermann Goring was made head of the organization.  This is a rare dagger of a Senior Forestry member and is a fine example of the Hirchfanger or “dagger” of the German Hunting Association.  Goring was a very active member of the organization and an ardent hunter.  The Third Reich increased the control over the hunting and strict management of it’s members.  The dagger is rated Excellent condition [see our rating criteria on the Home Page] with only normal ageing noted. All fittings are bright brass.  The scabbard of black leather is in fine condition.  Deer antler is the handle and 3 brass acorns are seen and a pillbox brass cap. The blade is engraved with various hunting scenes.  It was manufactured by the Eickhorn, Solingen, Company, Germany; founded by Carl Eickhorn. The dagger measures, from handle of the blade to it’s tip approximately ( 20.0″  – 50.6 cm ).  All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity inscribed with the purchasers name.


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