20.07 - Plan of the Glorious Battle of Hochstet Gained by the Allies on August 13th - 1704, ca 1750, by Isaac Basire, London


Taken from Tindal’s Continuation of Mr. Rapin’s History.  Nicolas Tindal translated Paul de Rapin’s History of England into English shortly after the French edition’s release (1724 – 1727).  Later volumes would cover the reign of James VI of  (1566-1625) to George I (1660 – 1727) which represented the “continuation”.  Isaac Basire (1704 – 1768) engraved the map. It is rated Very Good [see our rating criteria on the Home Page] with light toning noted.  The map measures approximately (18.2″ x 14.9″ – 47.3 x 36.2 cm).

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